Meet Olivia

Olivia Meade is a writer and Bible teacher who cares deeply about discipleship in the local church. She longs to see followers of Jesus learn with both their minds and hearts. She currently teaches + writes curriculum for a women’s Bible study at her church and is a registered yoga teacher.

She has a background in nonprofit development, but in 2020, left corporate work to focus on her family and writing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business administration from Marshall University.

Olivia is a born a raised West Virginian and is proud to be raising her family in the hills of Appalachia. She is married to Matt, and they have two daughters, Daphne and Wren. Their family calls New Heights Church home.


Olivia is the author of Ordinary Faithfulness, available May 2nd, 2022.

Have you ever wondered how God is glorified in your ordinary life? We are tempted to look on the thankless and monotonous moments that fill our days as a hindrance. But they are not an interruption; they are a catalyst for God’s glory. God could have placed us anywhere with anyone, but he chose to plant us where we are. As ordinary as we may be, we’ve been called to good and holy work — right here and now.

Ordinary Faithfulness is the story of glorifying God in the simplest of ways. How is God glorified when you fold your laundry? Or when you show up to work on time, year after year? When we are faithful to serve those around us and steward the life we’ve been given, we are glorifying God, our faithful Creator.