Loving & Leading

Father’s Day // 2019

Last August, our daughter was born. She entered the world, and ready or not, a couple parents were born too. I knew Matt would be a great Dad. Mostly because he was scared and unsure. That told me it mattered to him.

Marriage is this weird dance that you think you know how to do, but then you start stepping on each others toes and stumble off beat. Just when you find the rhythm again you say “hey, let’s make this interesting” and have a baby. The music changes and you’ve got to learn to dance all over again.

Matt is kind, considerate, and funny. He can make me laugh when no one else can. The way Daphne giggles when he’s tossing her in the air, it melts me. Watching him with her is one of my greatest joys. The best thing I could ever give my daughter is a loving father. I know she’ll see his heart and get a glimpse of another Father who loves her too.

As I’m writing this, its Saturday night and we’re sitting on the couch rewatching episodes of The West Wing. Daphne’s asleep after a long day. Earlier, you got her out of the bath and lathered her up with our favorite lotion. I laid out her pjs and you got her dressed. While I put her to bed, you picked up toys laying around the living room. We share the load and know the importance of leading sacrificially. You model that for me, and I’m thankful you do.

So today we celebrate you and all the Dads out there doing your best to love and lead your people.

Happy Father’s Day, babe. You’re doing great.